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The Big Picture

Pupils are told that a mystery benefactor, Mr Big wants to award £100 million to their town to turn it into a place fit for the 22nd century, and they have been asked to produce a plan to justify how their community would benefit from the donation.

They start by identifying its best attributes and its potential for improvement.  They then “virtually visit” other coastal towns and cities to glean good ideas, and produce a plan that will improve a designated site in the area.  The latter stages ask them to envisage how the town’s history, and their own, will look in the Year 2100, allowing them to discover the skills they might need in the future, for their futures.  An event of sharing and celebration at the University of Hull campus completes the project, and gives pupils the chance to experience the HE environment at first hand.

The programme

The project is designed to run over 8 sessions, but this can be adapted to suit each school’s circumstances.

The programme kicks off with a Launch Day at one of the consortium’s campuses, where the first two of the eight sessions are covered.  This introduces participants to the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), Edmodo, and some of the apps used throughout the project.

The subsequent six sessions take place in the schools.

The interlinked sessions use a variety of online apps to cover self-esteem, as well as careers and future choices.  

Me myself I     
Pupils choose up to 10 items to represent who they are        
Audit   They then consider what they like/dislike about their community
Expedition  Using Google Streetview, they set off on a global treasure hunt around different coastal towns and cities to find various items
Designing the future  Pupils decide upon the 10 most important buildings, services or facilities that would improve their communities, then design a plan for a real-life development site in their area
What makes me awesome     Through a game of “Consequences” using personality attributes, participants discover positive things others see in them
Creating the community     Fast Tomato careers software is used to discover and explore potential careers and routes through FE and HE
2100: Inventing the past  From the standpoint of the Year 2100, pupils write their autobiography backwards, imagining how their life has successfully panned out
The Big Picture  This session wraps up the programme, as pupils collaborate to produce a bid for Mr Big’s donation.


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